by Jabahar Mohapatra on October 7, 2012

Hi! I am Jabahar Mohapatra, your host and tour guide on exaMeta. If you are reading this then you might have already been to the site and whether you have joined or not, I heartly welcome you to the exaMeta community. Since this is the very first post on this blog I will keep it limited to the brief introduction of the site and this blog.

First about exaMeta

First prize to anyone who can tell what does the site’s name mean. Well, I know from the name it’s not clear what the site is about, so let me explain about the site briefly. In its very simplest form exaMeta is just a bookmarking site where you can save & collect webpage links you like centrally at one place. But then there is a vision around which the site has been build and that is to provide a platform where users can save, share and promote useful items. So the site encourages users to have fun by saving and sharing links, but not just any link, only links to the item they found useful and which can also be useful to other people.  Moreover, all this saving, sharing work is done collaboratively as a community. And that’s all what exaMeta is for now, a community driven site to save, share and promote useful items. You can also visit the about and faq section of the site for for information.

Now about the blog

Well, nothing special. It’s just a medium to reach and interact with the community. The primary purpose is publishing updates and useful information about the site and getting the view from the users in terms of comments. So please keep visiting the blog whenever something new is posted and keep providing your valuable feedback.

And what about public beta?

While the site is ready to use, many features are yet to be implemented. The  site has been made public so that whenever any new feature is added it can be shared here with the users and they can provide their opinions. When the site meets some criteria in terms of performance, stability etc it will be updated to a  higher version. So please let me know any errors, bugs present on the site or any improvements you would like on the site. The site has been designed to be run by the community;  you and your views are an important part of it.

I hope this post helps you to get some idea about the site.  Please post as comments your questions, suggestions or views. Browse the site and its different sections to know more. Please share this post with your friends and let’s build a community to save, share and promote what’s useful.


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